Textile Blog Case Study Where wrote 65-70+ content

The writing content at Textile Blog started on 19 August 2019 as a newbie writer. I reported to Mazharul Islam Kiron the Founder and Editor of Textile Learner.

The first content is brutally rejected, then I got freelance content writing work back to back.

In Covid-19 the content writing speed boosts up. And I wrote up to 2-3 content per week. I wrote at least 65-70 articles for Textile Blog.

You can get all of them by clicking here.

All content has the author bio of Md Mahedi Hasan, Designation, and Gmail address to define my identity.

Textile Blog Case Study
Textile Blog Case Study

Then I decided to join marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork. And work with big brands like CreateFashionBrand, Salud Textile, Sunotex, KingCleanMax, Eyouagro, Ximena Valero, and so on.

I will share individual experiences with each of them