Textile Details Case Study 2021-2023

This is the most successful SEO project in Fashion SEO Agency’s History.

The Project website domain was purchased and created a WordPress website. The main reason to start this website is to showcase my freelancing portfolio. But by the time spend on quality Textile Details beloved by the audience and search engine.

How Textile Details Started?

Some of the clients hired us but don’t clear payment. If a freelance content writer has a website or medium profile he/she can post it on the wall. So that the fraud buyer can’t publish it on the website. It could be his/her portfolio. The idea of starting Textile Details comes from there.

But in 2 Years Textile Details started from Zero traffic to thousand of traffic. Today, it has around 20-25k traffic monthly.

Here I share the screenshot of the growth from the Google Search Console:

Search Console Data
From 1 January, 2022 to April 07, 2023
Search Console Data
From 1 January 2022 to April 07, 2023

How it’s Get So Qualityful!

At first, Textile Details posts content from Textile Blog [The written content by Md Mahedi and create a short bio] and give it a backlink.

After 30+ content is published, it went to apply for Google Adsense. Whenever Google rejected the site, We realize this was not gonna work. So we write it from the scratch again. Applied again to Google Adsense.

But, Got Rejected. Why!

Whenever we tried to find the reason the quality is increased. After 3 third times of rejection, we got approval from Google Adsense.


After getting google adsense we inspired and start working hard to get revenue.


After getting tons of traffic got from Search Engines organically, someone advised shifting to Ezoic. So we shifted. Textile Details gained well ads revenue from google. But Ezoic make slower the site.

And it effect the traffic. After lose some traffic, stoped the Humix video ads serving and start focusing how to increase the site loading speed.